How To Become a Fashion Stylist



Hello, fashionista! You are here which means you want to know how to become a fashion stylist. Maybe you get inspired by a fashion blogger or stylist you follow or maybe by watching fashion movies. But no matter what has inspired you, the most important thing is that you are here and you are looking for answers. We prepared a list with essential steps that will help you get on the right track. 





1. Get Fashion Education.


In this day and age, you can choose from a variety of courses or schools. The key is gaining wisdom-- not just getting certificates, or diplomas, but acquiring practical knowledge. As you may be aware, a fashion education can cost a lot. In fact, some universities charge tuition fees up to $50,000 a year and up- which may not be cost-effective. So we recommend starting with an affordable course in order to gain key insights in the field and to determine if fashion styling is something you want to pursue as a career path.


2. Have A Desire To Continuously Learn And Grow.


Fashion styling is constantly changing. The only thing that stays the same are the principles that you acquire during your training/education. So even if you complete a fashion course or finish a university, you will still have to fine-tune your knowledge and be up to date with fashion trends. This is where self-learning becomes vital. It is a core element to becoming a great fashion stylist.


3. Improve Your Fashion Sense.


Get hands-on experience, be open to feedback, and find ways to enhance your fashion. Many students are surprised to discover that "fashion sense" is a skill and muscle that you develop. It often happens during your training/education in the fashion field but it does not stop there. Some of the best ways to improve your fashion sense is to read fashion magazines, follow fashion bloggers, and attend fashion shows. The more time you invest in developing your skill, the better results you will see.


4. Get Experience.


The fastest way to grow is to have a coach/mentor who can help you put knowledge into action-- while giving practical feedback to take you to the next level. At 7 Days Fashion School we believe that it is important to practice your newly acquired skills during and after each class. We recommend that you find your first clients immediately and start practicing on them. Family members and friends can make for good clients for you to practice. TIP-- be open to their feedback, however. Make sure the style you're creating for others works well for them. Do they like it? Are they receiving compliments on their new looks created by you? If so, that is a key sign that your fashion styling skills are improving.


5. Get a job that you would love to do or become an independent fashion stylist.


Last but not least, get a job in the fashion field that excites you or become an independent fashion stylist. The sky's the limit-- so choose what suits your personality best.


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