Welcome to 7 Days Fashion School-- a platform dedicated to online fashion education. If you're looking to become a
Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist, Image Consultant or just up your fashion game, then keep reading!

"We are setting trends in online fashion education"

Our company specializes in transformational online education which makes learning, simple, fun, and results oriented. We believe that one of the most effective tools for education is to distill vital information into understandable and practical principles - all while making it entertaining in the process. We are setting trends in online fashion education, where 'know how' and 'do how' meet at the intersection of fun.

While engaged in enjoying your online class, you are simultaneously being equipped with strategies and tools that help you become proficient in the fashion world. Long gone are the days of boring "talking head lectures"; instead, a fresh, innovative approach is here to inspire and empower you to go to the next level. You will go through 7 progressive workshops. In each one, you acquire valuable insights, while gaining powerful momentum as you learn the core essentials of a fashion stylist in order to create a top-notch personal image and style for yourself and your clients.

“Become A Fashion Stylist In 7 Days”

The Course includes 7 progressive workshops:

DAY 1: "The Successful Principles of a Fashion Stylist"
You will learn the tools and strategies to help you become a thriving fashion stylist.

DAY 2: "The Wow Effect"
You will learn THE KEYS to creating the "Wow" effect in every look.

DAY 3: "The Successful System of the Consultation"
You will learn how to do the successful fashion stylist consultation with your client.

DAY 4: "Mastering Your Client's Personal Style"
You will learn how to create your client's personal style with precision.

DAY 5: "Wardrobe Essentials"
You will learn how to devise a detailed wardrobe analysis to pinpoint eye-catching looks.

DAY 6: "Enhance Your Client's Body Type"
You will learn how to work with any body type and make you or your client the best version of themselves.

DAY 7: "The Ultimate Coloring Program"
You will learn the secrets of choosing the right color.

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