Fashion And Style Can Change Your Life

Fashion And Style Can Change Your Life

Hi, and Welcome to the Fashion School Blog. I'm Ines Florissant, the founder of 7 Days Fashion School.  


In today's blog, you will learn why fashion and style can enhance your life. 


So let's start! 


So why do many consider fashion and style are so important? 


Because they are tools that you use to build your image. An image helps you to reach the results you want in life. 


Having a great style and image helps you feel confident, as a result, you reach greater success. Do you remember the feeling when you finished shopping, coming home and trying it on? That amazing feeling of you being beautiful, confident, and successful. 


And don't even tell me that you feel no different--I wouldn't believe it! 


In the same way, how it affects you, it will affect the whole world around you. Meaning-- when you dress up it affects your inside, and your new inside effects outside. Because the new inside increases your confidence, the position of you in this world, and as a result the outside world will follow it. So if you feel more confident the world around you will feel the same about you. If you will feel yourself more beautiful the world around you will feel the same. So bottom line - you dress up to affect your inside and your new inside will affect outside. That's how it works. 


The only thing-- this stage has an essential part. Sometimes it happens that you buy an outfit, by thinking you made the right choice. You dress up and you feel beautiful, confident, and successful. But when you go outside - the world does not see it as much as you feel. Why does it happen? 


The problem here in Visual Support. Which means you did not choose the right outfit. Maybe the outfit has a lack of style, out of fashion, or does not suit you. The point is-- you have a lack of visual support. The outfit must be fashionable up-to-date, stylish, suit you well, and suit the occasion you are choosing it for. Bottom line-- the outfit you choose needs to be on point. 


To make your inside influence the outside world you need to have both 1) your feeling of increased confidence and beauty and 2nd visual support - which is a proper outfit. 


Otherwise, your inside will not influence the outside world in the full 100% power that you need. 


So how do you make sure you are creating a proper Image? 


Image is a presentation yourself to the world. There are many choices to go with. You can create any kind of image for yourself and let others see it too. You can present yourself in a different way. But the most organically would be creating style and image based on your inside— who you are and who you want to be and then make others see it on the outside. 


Basically, the organic choice would be creating a style and image that reflects your inside and the best version of your inside-- other words your inside's potential and how others should see. 


You need to start by discovering who you are and who you want to be. It's a test that you do with yourself. During this imagination process, you need to describe to yourself or to your fashion stylist who you are and who you want to be and how others should see you. One more time-- these 3 things--who you are, who you want to be, and how others should see you. 


You need to imagine it in detail and as more of these details as better. You need to take your time to do this test. This is how you start to craft your style. 


What quality of you that you want to showcase. For example— you are a more quiet person or a person who speaks loud, are you light or heavy, are you emotional or you can control your emotion, what’s aroma around you— flowery and ari, or spicy and intense. 


Are you more romantic and dreamy or fast in decisions and action-oriented? 


You literally craft your image based on these small details. 


After you discover all the details about you now it's time to think about what style and image to go with. You need to think about how you would want to present yourself to the world. What would you want the world to “see and read” about you? 


You may have different qualities and characteristics that make you who you are. And here is an important step in style creation - you need to showcase only those of your qualities that will help the outside world see you the way you want them to see you. You don't need to showcase every single detail of you. Choose the most effective one. 


When you create your image and style-- you present yourself to the world and only you control what people think and see about you. 


In the beginning, we had a question of how fashion and style can enhance your life? Why is it important? The answer is this - the image and style you create can either help you to reach greater success or stay on its way. 


You haven't been born with image and style, you are creating it. It's only up to you how the world will see you. So go ahead and create an awesome image and style that will help you to reach anything you want in life! 


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