Fashion Styling Courses Online

Fashion Styling Courses Online

If you are a newbie in the fashion styling arena and are trying to find more information about fashion styling courses online --you are in the right place. 


By the end of this article, you will learn what fashion styling is, the difference between fashion styling and fashion designing, and what course subcategories exist in the fashion styling field. 


Let's start with the first step and define what is fashion styling


The reason why you need to know it is because students often confuse the terms "fashion styling" and "fashion design." These are different terms with two different meanings; and therefore, they require two different courses that have a tailored set of knowledge to acquire. 


So let's unpack the differences together.


Fashion Stylist and Fashion Styling Courses Online


A Fashion Stylist (also known as Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Stylist, or Image Consultant) is a consultant who selects and styles the clothing. Why are there so many names? The term "fashion stylist" is more general. While the term "personal stylist" and "image consultant" are pointed towards a specialty: one-on-one consultation/private coaching per se with a client. In such consultation, the fashion stylist goes into more depth and detail in discovering their client’s personality, goals, needs to name a few, and only then creates a personal style and image for them.


The work of a fashion stylist varies from editorials, online apparels company, personal fashion styling with clients, to working with fashion magazines. 


Furthermore, almost every online apparel company has its own fashion stylist whose main task is to style clothing for e-commerce photoshoots. Also, it’s common for a fashion stylist to help fashion designers style their clothing before fashion week or a photoshoot. The bottom line: a "fashion stylist" is a person who creates the “finished look” in a variety of fashion circles.


Because of the fashion stylist carrier varieties, there are different variations of fashion styling courses online depending on the topic you choose and the tools you want to develop. 

Fashion Styling Courses Online

Now let's compare it to Fashion Designer and Fashion Design Courses.


A "Fashion Designer" is a person who designs clothing and accessories. One of the most important aspects of this role is to have a vision for design, a clear idea if you will. Typically, a fashion designer puts their vision on paper and sketches it as a visual representation. The creative process begins with illustrations and ends with a finished product. They can do tailoring themselves or hire a tailor to do it. Therefore, fashion design courses teach you how to do fashion design: from illustration to tailoring a piece.


If you are choosing "fashion styling" as your career path, you need to determine what kind of online fashion styling courses will suit your needs and goals among the subcategories.


There are two main subcategories: the first is Personal Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant and the second is Photoshoot Stylist also known as Editorial Stylist.


As you've learned, a fashion stylist is a specialist who selects and styles the clothing.


Both the Personal Fashion Stylist and Photoshoot Stylist are the ones who style clothing but there is a difference between them. An editorial stylist creates looks on the photoshoot. Their responsibilities are to find and borrow outfits, shoes, and accessories for a photoshoot, create looks, coordinate with photographers and makeup artists on a set, return outfits to merchants, and so on.


Where a Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant is the one who provides one-on-one consultation with a client. In such consultation, the fashion stylist goes into more depth and detail in discovering their client’s personality, goals, needs, and only then will they create a unique personal style and image. Many have chosen the path of becoming a Celebrity Fashion Stylist.


Keep in mind: to become a good Celebrities Fashion Stylist, you need to know how to discover clients' personalities, tastes, goals on a much deeper (branding) level so that the style and image you create for them bring the results they expect.


And that's our specialty! We provide Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant Courses.


So if you are looking to:


a) Become a Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant or


b) Enhance your image and style and become a fashion stylist for yourself


We are your tribe. :)


Our Fashion Styling Course Online includes seven progressive workshops where you learn all the necessary professional skills needed to excel in fashion styling and become a Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant. As a student, you will experience a step-by-step fashion styling system that will equip you with the tools needed to be able to create an outstanding image and style for your clients-- along with yourself.


Sign up now for our fashion styling course online and begin your journey today!


Fashion Styling Courses Online

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